🎉Ad Booking Info

1. Details

  • Price: $50 USDT / day (Ignore the price shown on the booking website)

  • Duration: Minimum 3 days

  • Position: Top & Middle of the zkFlow page

  • Sizing: 3600x192 (PC) and 1280x128 (Mobile)

  • Acceptable Formats: Animated GIF, .png, .jpg (Max: 5Mb) ~ Recommend imgur.com

  • Note: Overlapping bookings will be marked as "CANCELLED" and will be contacted on Telegram for a refund

2. Disclaimer

For users: zkSwap Finance does not endorse ad accuracy and is not liable for damages resulting from user interaction with ads. Please do your own research!

For advertisers: Advertisers on zkSwap Finance acknowledge that ads may be ceased immediately if potential risks to users are detected, without refund. Advertisers bear full responsibility for ad accuracy and legality, and zkSwap Finance reserves the right to reject or remove ads prior to notification.

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