Boost is a distinctive feature of swap2Earn brought to you by zkSwap Finance, granting exclusive privileges to DAO members.

DAO Staking Pool (yZF) holdings serve as the key to amplify your Swap2Earn rewards manifold through Boost.

Ordinarily, a user earns 1 zkPoint for every $1 volume swapped on SwapBoard. However, with Boost activated, this user now accrues Boost times 1 zkPoint with each swap. The significance lies in the fact that Swap2Earn rewards are directly tied to the total zkPoints amassed during a given cycle (half a month). Consequently, utilizing Boost results in earning Boost times more $ZF than without it.

The calculation for Boost is defined by the formula:

Your Boost = 1 + 300 * (Your staked ZF in the DAO Pool)/(Total ZF Supply)

Example: Consider Bob, who stakes 1% of the Total ZF Supply in the DAO Staking Pool. His Boost is calculated as (1 + 300 * 0.01) = 4. Consequently, for every $1 volume he swaps, Bob now receives 4 zkPoints instead of the standard 1 zkPoint, unlocking an enhanced of 4x more rewards through the power of Boost.

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