🤝Governance via yZF

Voting empowers the zkSwap Finance community, allowing members to shape the platform's future direction. Your voice matters!

1. Governance Token & Voting Portal

Governance token: yZF at 0x4Ca2aC3513739ceBF053B66a1d59C88d925f1987

Our voting portal: https://vote.zkswap.finance/. Within this portal, you'll find:

  • Core Proposals: These represent zkSwap Finance team's official propositions. The team will use the results as a reference to decide on their implementation.

  • Community Proposals: This is your platform! Share your innovative ideas and viewpoints. Our team carefully reviews and response every community vote, often incorporating fantastic ideas and designs with strong community support into future product releases and core voting proposals. Your input drives our development!

2. yZF - the staked ZF in the DAO Staking Pool

yZF is a token that represents voting power. Its quantity is determined by the amount of ZF deposited into the DAO Staking Pool by the user and technically represent your share of the pool.

Verified DAO Staking Pool Contract: 0x4Ca2aC3513739ceBF053B66a1d59C88d925f1987

3. Why should you convert ZF to yZF?

  • Participate in Governance: Vote and propose changes.

  • Earn Staking Rewards: 5% of Total Supply for DAO Staking Pool

  • Boost Swap to Earn

  • Access the Syrup Pools

  • Join special campaigns hosted by zkSwap Finance

  • And more

4. How is yZF calculated?

You must stake ZF in the DAO Staking Pool to receive yZF.

When you stake ZF in the DAO Pool, you will receive yZF according to the formula below:

  • Your yZF amount = (Your Staked ZF Amount * Total yZF Supply) / Total ZF in the DAO Pool

Example: let's assume User Bob wants to stake 20 ZF in the DAO Staking Pool.

  • Before Staking: Bob has 20 ZF, 0 yZF

  • After Staking: Bob has 0 ZF, 2 yZF

  • So, Bob's share in the Pool is calculated as 2/12 * 100, which equals 16.67%.

5. How to Unstake ZF from DAO Staking Pool?

If you choose to unstake ZF from the DAO Staking Pool, you will incur a 1% unstake fee, which will be redistributed to others in the DAO Pool. So, if you hold for a longer period, you'll earn more.

Example: let's consider User Ryan, who has 6 yZF and wishes to unstake their ZF from the DAO Staking Pool.

  • When Ryan unstakes 6 yZF, a 1% withdrawal fee will be deducted, leaving them with 59.4 ZF.

  • The 0.6 ZF, derived from the 1% withdrawal fee, will be distributed among all users in the DAO Pool.

  • Bob's share in the pool is 2/6, equivalent to 33.33%. Consequently, Bob will receive an additional 0.2 ZF

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