Track your wallet and see Volume you traded on different protocols and blockchains

Try at https://zkswap.finance/zkflow or https://zkflow.info

zkFlow is a comprehensive wallet analytics platform that empowers users to track their on-chain activity across various protocols & blockchains. It provides a holistic view of user interactions, encompassing transaction history, volume traded, and network statistics.

Key Features:

  • Multiple networks support: currently includes zkSync, Scroll, Linea, Base, Mantle, and zkEVM.

  • General Wallet History Tracking: View your number of transactions, total volume, fee spent, etc.

  • Protocol-specific Wallet History Interactions: your number of interactions, last activities, volume, etc.

  • Check Airdrop Eligibility Simulator: A simulation for illustrative purposes based on Arbitrum's airdrop criteria to help users t optimize for the potential airdrops from of corresponding networks.

  • Support Multiple Wallet Management: zkFlow supports up to 100 wallets of each person.

  • Intuitive Interface: Navigate zkFlow's user-friendly interface to easily access and analyze your wallet activity data.

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