Powered by zkSync Era, zkSwap AMM protocol offers a superior user experience & a revolutionary incentive program for both traders & liquidity providers.

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zkSwap stands as a premier Automated Market Maker (AMM), with its decentralized exchange serving as the core. Positioned as the leading AMM on the zkSync Era, zkSwap is the first Swap to Earn DeFi Platform on zkSync Era ecosystem, pioneering a unique incentive model that rewards both liquidity providers and traders.

The zkSwap Finance Exchange incorporates various features that bolster decentralized trading:


zkSwap facilitates trading without the necessity of involving a Centralized Exchange. Every transaction on zkSwap is directly channeled through the user's wallet, eliminating the need to entrust one's assets to a third party.

Liquidity Pools

The ability to swap tokens on zkSwap relies on the presence of ample liquidity for those specific tokens. If sufficient liquidity hasn't been added for the desired tokens, executing a swap becomes challenging, costly, or even unfeasible. Users contributing liquidity receive LP Tokens, which, in turn, earn them rewards in the form of trading fees, ensuring continuous availability of liquidity for the exchange.


zkSwap Finance introduces Swap2Earn, a distinctive feature designed to incentivize user participation on our platform, fostering a competitive environment for traders and recognizing the contributions of traders.

Our guiding principle is simple: "The more you contribute, the more rewards you receive." The SwapBoard diligently monitors all swap activities and ensures that participants are duly rewarded based on their engagement. A personalized dashboard consolidates all activities, providing users with a comprehensive overview of their swapping contributions.


zkSwap introduces Farm2Earn (yield farming), enabling users providing liquidity to earn rewards by locking their LP tokens into a smart contract. This incentive structure aims to offset the inherent risk of impermanent loss associated with locking in liquidity.

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