Experimental deflationary meme token from zkSwap Finance team, with tokenomics designed by Noah - the $ZF's mastermind.

Try at https://Long.Fun | Twitter @longxfun

Welcome to the realm of $LONG, a groundbreaking experiment in the world of meme tokens brought to you by the innovative minds behind zkSwap Finance.

$LONG isn't just another meme token; it's a bold attempt to blend the whimsical spirit of memes with robust tokenomics, all while pushing the boundaries of what's possible in the cryptocurrency space.

What is $LONG?

$LONG is more than just a token; it's a testament to the fusion of meme culture and cryptocurrency innovation.

Designed by the mastermind Noah and crafted by the zkSwap Finance team, $LONG seeks to reinvent the meme spirit by embracing absurdity, unpredictability, and sheer fun.

$LONG's name inspired by the legendary Chinese dragon and its symbolization of "LONG" (Buy) in crypto, $LONG embodies both the meme and crypto ethos.


100% Fund for Liquidity: All funds raised during the presale are allocated to liquidity, ensuring a healthy and vibrant ecosystem for $LONG from the outset.

100% LP Burn: Liquidity provider tokens are burned for an ultimate trusted trading environment

40% for LP, 40% Presale, 20% Burn, 0% Team: An absolute fair distribution model ensures equitable access and transparency.

The Experiment

$LONG serves as a laboratory for testing the hypothesis that good tokenomics can create a truly remarkable meme token. With a focus on fun, absurdity, and surprise, $LONG challenges conventional notions of what a meme cryptocurrency should be.

Website: http://LONG.FUN | Twitter Handle: @longxfun

Why $LONG?

Wonderful Tokenomics: $LONG boasts a deflationary model with no team share, no airdrop, and no emission. Participants can engage with $LONG with zero risk, backed by the proven track record of the zkSwap Finance team.

Deflationary Mechanism: Built on zkSwap Finance's AMM DEX roots, $LONG benefits from a deflationary mechanism where trading fees and buybacks contribute to token burns, ensuring a decreasing supply over time.

Simple and Secure: The $LONG token contract is built on the OpenZeppelin standard ERC20 contract, ensuring absolute security and simplicity. With no trade tax, no owner, and no minting capability, $LONG prioritizes transparency and trust.

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