🔆Token Utilities

  1. Stake in the DAO Staking Pool to get more $ZF (5% $ZF Total Supply). No stake fee, auto-compound, no lock, but 1% unstake fee distributed to other stakers still in the pool to encourage the platform loyalty.

  2. Staked ZF holders get BOOST in our Swap2Earn incentive (refer to this and zkswap.finance/swapboard)

  3. Use $ZF to pay gas fee for swap transactions.

  4. Holders of $yZF (staking $ZF) and $LONG enjoy gasless swaps. Rules: 1. Minimum Volume: $20. 2. Hold a minimum of 100K $yZF or 1B $LONG. Remember to use tokens as gas fees (Paymaster) instead of ETH for gas.

  5. Enjoy special Syrup Pools (such as our recent Syrup Pool for staked ZF holders to celebrate the success of the DAO formation)

  6. Benefit from our Buying Back program (75% platform profit)

  7. Participate in Governance (Snapshot vote, only staked ZF holders can vote)

  8. Higher Privileges during special events (NFT, OAT, POAP, Giveaway, ...)

  9. And more ...

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