🗒️DAO Proposal Guidelines

A DAO proposal is a suggestion put forth by a community or DAO member for the consideration. Normally, it comprises a document outlining the concept, its proposed implementation, and the financial needs, if any, associated with bringing the idea to fruition.

To ensure that any voting proposal submitted to the DAO is well-researched, practical, and aligns with the goals and resources of the project, we recommend that the proposer follow the guidelines below:

  1. Develop the concept: Ensure your idea aligns with the DAO's objectives. Conduct comprehensive research to assess its practicality and timeliness.

  2. Share on Discord for input: Seek community input by posting your proposal on the project Discord. Utilize the feedback received to enhance and refine your proposal.

  3. Perfect the proposal and initiate a vote: Refine the draft based on community feedback and officially submit it for voting on the project DAO's platform.

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