Zap in - Zap Out. Adding Liquidity becomes much simpler.

zkSwap Finance has recently unveiled ZAP, a significant enhancement to its decentralized finance (DeFi) protocol's Liquidity feature. Developed by zkSwap Finance, ZAP simplifies the process of adding and removing liquidity from zkSwap Finance, catering to users of all proficiency levels.

Prior to the introduction of ZAP, the provision of liquidity on zkSwap Finance posed challenges for DeFi novices. The previous method required users to navigate a complex sequence, involving token swapping to achieve a precise 50:50 split before accessing the Liquidity page. ZAP eliminates these complexities, enabling both seasoned yield farmers and beginners to seamlessly add liquidity with ease.

With ZAP, liquidity providers on zkSwap Finance can add liquidity using a single token or an imbalanced token quantities within their preferred trading pair. The burdensome process of token swapping to achieve a perfect 50:50 split is eliminated, as ZAP automatically executes the necessary swaps and balances the trading pair proportionally at 50/50.

ZAP on zkSwap Finance harnesses cutting-edge technology and taps into extensive liquidity sources through its partnership with This collaboration enables liquidity providers to add liquidity with an uneven number of tokens in their chosen trading pair. ZAP seamlessly rebalances the token imbalance to achieve the optimal 50:50 split before contributing to the liquidity pool.

Lastly, ZAP facilitates the uncomplicated removal of liquidity, allowing users to specify the amount of desired tokens they wish to receive.

Enhancing user experience remains a central focus for all zkSwap Finance products, and ZAP represents a novel feature designed to make liquidity provision more accessible, particularly for those new to the DeFi landscape. This update aims to attract a broader user base to zkSwap Finance, allowing them to explore the intricacies of DeFi effortlessly.

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