zkSwap Finance is the top DEX and the first Swap to Earn DeFi Platform on zkSync Era ecosystem, pioneering a unique incentive model that rewards both liquidity providers and traders.

On our platform on zkSync Era (Layer 2 of Ethereum), you can expect a novel, distinctive, and imaginative experience where any contribution to the project is valued and acknowledged. We prioritize user-centric features and strive for the sustainable growth of the ecosystem as a whole.

We encourage you to read our Ethos & Value to learn more about our commitments.

Earn zkSwap Finance token $ZF with any of the following activities:

zkSwap Finance Magic Numbers:

  • 100% of Participants are rewarded.

  • 96% of the total token supply is allocated to the community and project development.

  • 75% of the profit generated by the protocol is used for buying back or redistributing to the holders.

  • The majority of the trading fee is redistributed to the liquidity providers.

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