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zkHeatmap: Explore the Hottest Tokens and Gems on zkSync

Welcome to zkHeatmap, your interactive gateway to the most sizzling tokens and gems on zkSync. With zkHeatmap, you can dive deep into the dynamics of the zkSync ecosystem and uncover the trends shaping the decentralized finance landscape.

Discover the Highlights:

🔥 Trading Volume: Witness the pulse of the market and identify which tokens are generating the most buzz. Stay ahead of the curve by tracking the trading volumes of various assets.

📊 Marketcap: Uncover hidden gems with low market capitalization. Explore promising projects that have the potential for exponential growth within the zkSync ecosystem.

📈 Price Movement: Keep a finger on the pulse of the latest moonshots and observe how prices fluctuate over time. Stay informed about the most recent developments and anticipate potential investment opportunities.

💧 Liquidity Analysis: Plunge into the depths of liquidity dynamics, grasping the stability and robustness of assets within zkSync's thriving ecosystem.

📊 Market Cap/Liquidity Ratio: Assess the correlation between market capitalization and liquidity, extracting essential insights into asset stability and growth prospects.

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