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zkSwap Finance Paymaster: A zkSync Era Native Solution

zkSwap Finance has leveraged AA to create a powerful feature called ZF Paymaster. This feature allows users to pay for gas fees with the platform's native token, $ZF, instead of ETH. This brings several key benefits:

  • Swaps and Trades using tokens as gas fee: Users can now seamlessly swap and trade tokens on zkSwap Finance without worrying about having sufficient ETH for gas fees. This significantly improves user experience and eliminates a major barrier to entry.

  • Enhanced $ZF Utility: The Paymaster feature provides additional utility to the $ZF token, increasing its value proposition and driving demand within the zkSwap Finance ecosystem.

  • Gas Free Swap Transactions: Holders $LONG & $yZF (staked $ZF) never have to pay swap gas fees anymore. Rules: 1. Min Vol. $20 2. Hold minimum 100K $yZF or 1B $LONG. Remember to use token as gas fee (Paymaster) instead of ETH for gas.

  • EOA Compatibility: Unlike Smart Wallets, which have limitations with EOAs, zkSwap Finance's Paymaster feature fully supports EOAs, enabling a broader range of users to benefit from gasless transactions.

  • Seamless User Experience: Users can enjoy gasless transactions without the need to deploy Smart Wallets or manage multiple wallets. This simplifies the user experience and makes DeFi more accessible.

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