How to Join Swap2Earn

1. Join Swap2Earn Board

  1. Head to our Swap2Earn page at and connect your wallet

  2. Once wallet connected, at the lower left of the page, hit "Register" and keep "Continue"

  3. Click on "Create Profile"

  4. You can now copy your own invite link and share to your friends

  5. Keep on "Continue" and "Start" to complete the process

You only need to "Register" once.

2. How to Swap2Earn

  1. Head to our website at and connect your wallet

  2. Enter the amount and tokens to swap.

  3. Visit to see your zkPoint updated. If not, please refresh the page.

  4. Your reward proportional to your zkPoint. Reward distributed on the 1st & 16th monthly. More info at Swap2Earn

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